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Our Cremation Services

Whether you’ve been preparing for a loss or it’s sudden and unexpected, we know the decisions you face can be difficult and overwhelming. That’s why Forever Friends makes your experience as simple and sincere as possible. We also realize that each owner has different needs and preferences, which is why we encourage you to contact us with any special requests or considerations.

Private Cremation

This service includes pickup from a veterinary hospital and the private cremation of remains. Ashes are returned to the veterinary hospital in a cloth bag and decorative wooden urn. Throughout the entire cremation process, we use a detailed ID tracking system to ensure you receive the remains of your pet, and your pet alone.

Communal Cremation

With this option, the remains of multiple pets are cremated at one time. Pickup of your pet from a veterinary hospital is available; however, ashes cannot be recovered and are not returned to you.

Other Services and Products

To support you through this difficult time, we offer the following additional services and products:

Please contact us directly with any questions, concerns, or special requests. Our goal is to honor your pet in a way that’s respectful and most comforting to you and your loved ones.